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Creating Profitable Websites For Hometown Radio Stations

Benefits Of Being An HRN Affiliate

When you become an HRN affiliate we provide you with all of the tools, products, and support needed to create Immediate Profits from your website and have a professional website presence. 

Please take a look at all the benefits below that you get as an HRN affiliate.

Customized Websites

We know that most radio stations realize the importance of having a professional internet presence. We also know that many hometown radio stations simply do not have the time, money nor other resources necessary to setup and maintain the website needed to ensure their continued success in the marketplace.

And That’s Where We Come In!

One of the Many benefits of being a Hometown Radio Network affiliate is that our design team will build you a customized website for your radio station(s). This new website will be loaded with Fresh Content that is custom designed specifically for your audience and your hometown. We also make it Quick, Simple & Easy for you to add your own local content if you like.

Unlimited Live Streaming Audio

Streaming Audio has become a very important part of radio stations overall success! We make streaming audio on your new website very Quick, Simple, & Easy.


Option 1:

We will take care of setting up and streaming your audio to your listeners for you. All you have to do is provide a computer at your radio station dedicated for streaming audio. An inexpensive laptop (less than $250) will work fine.

Option 2:

We can link any streaming audio you may already have, to the new website that we provide for you.

50% Commission On All Job Postings

When you become an HRN affiliate, we will setup a website for you on the Hometown Employment Network and link your radio station’s website to it.

Every time someone places a job listing on the employment website, you are paid 50% of the money collected.

Our team takes care of all the customer service, maintenance, etc. on the employment website. All you have to do is enjoy the commissions it brings!

Unlimited U.S. Based Support

One of the best benefits of being an HRN affiliate is our “Excellent” customer support. Anytime you have a question or have a problem you can either give us a call or send us an email and our U.S. based customer support team will resolve your problem quickly.

Professional Website Hosting

When you become an HRN affiliate we provide “ALL” of the tools and support you need in order to have a successful internet presence. This includes hosting your website on our network of servers located at a major data-center in Dallas. Your website will be backed up both onsite and offsite every night for maximum protection against potential loss of any of your data.

Multi-Media Ad Service

We know that the audio ads you create for your listening audience are very valuable. So we have made it very Quick, Simple & Easy for you to be able to attach your audio ads to the ads that appear on your website. By doing this, you are able to create a very powerful and unique ad for your advertisers and give the best of both worlds.

Who Else In Your Marketplace Can Offer Their Advertisers Ads Like These!

We take care of setting up the visual ads for you on your website and once they are created, you can then add the audio files to these ads. It is as easy as uploading a photo to a website and only takes a few seconds.

Much More

In addition to all of the services and support you get as an HRN affiliate, we can offer your radio stations even more if you like. For example, we can take care of creating your ads for you, reviewing and posting photos that your listeners submit, classifieds your listeners submit, events your listeners submit for your calendar, etc. We can also take care of registering / moving your domain name, providing matching email service, and much more.  Just ask us for details on these additional services.

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